Flash Is Bad for SEO Google Rankings and Other SEO Myths

When companies get down to brass tacks and try to decide how they wish to deal with their SEO needs, it’s usually the IT department guys that get landed with the responsibility. But does this make any sense? Certainly SEO, Google and the rest of it has to do with computers and the Internet. But SEO is more than anything else a discipline that is rooted in marketing. Look closely at how large corporations deal with SEO and you’ll see that they operate out of the marketing department budget. The computer guys may certainly have the computer skills that SEO needs but they are just all dressed up with nowhere to go. The marketing department is what tells them where they need to go with those skills. Let’s look at a few other mistakes that dealing with SEO, Google and search engines gets landed with.

The marketing guys like Flash – it gives a company’s webpages the oomph Sommerseo they need. But Flash has a reputation for being bad for SEO. Since Google can’t understand the pictures on Flash, supposedly, Flash-filled pages are glossed over by Google. The first problem of going by this myth would be that it makes people design boring websites that don’t retain visitors. And Flash is not necessarily bad for SEO. Google can still understand the text on the page that resides there an addition to all the Flash imagery. All the website designers need to do is to embed Flash inside of an HTML framework for a design that’s great for people as well as search engines.

A lot of SEO mistakes get made because people consider optimizing an incidental activity. They’ll first design a website, and then after launching it, think about how to add a little SEO on. But SEO isn’t an add-on. It’s something that is supposed to be designed into the very fabric of a website. Building a website without thought given to SEO right at the design stage is like designing a building without thought given to the plumbing. Sure, you could tear walls up and put the plumbing in later, but that’s a silly way to go about it. People think that they can design a generic website and all will be well as long as they hire an SEO agency to sprinkle SEO pixie dust on the website. For any kind of long-standing far-reaching benefits from an SEO agency, you’ll have to really spend big bucks. You can’t just have them come in, work a few days, and then help you hit pay dirt. Remember, SEO is supposed to be in the very fabric of website’s design.