In the Amazing City of Joy: Exploring Kolkata

Kolkata tourism is a great idea for any holiday season. This is a city that is a perfect paradise for a vacation if you want to enjoy and collect some nice memories. Not long back, an NGO named Janaagraha did a research on the quality of life in different Indian cities. It estimated that Kolkata is the best city in India. This Bangalore-based NGO found in the study that Kolkata comes on the top as a good place to stay in. Kolkata is a city where the old and the new dwell in a symbiotic manner. It is also the city where literature finds its due dignity well-preserved. People discuss ways of life, the art of living and politics over tea at roadside tea stalls. It is just a part of their daily affairs. It is in Kolkata that all religions are celebrated with same gusto. Views on games and culture as incomparable and invaluable. A Kolkata tour fills you such a rich experience that you would find yourself admiring the city in no time.

Kolkata still retains the vitality, dynamic quality, and exuberance of an ideal city. No wonder, it is called the City of Joy. Kolkata was the first capital of the British rule in India. The imperialistic vestiges of the now lost British times are quite visible in its buildings. You will see several administrative buildings now housed inside the colonial structures. There is no denying the fact that imperialism had its deep impact on the city’s heritage. Yet, Kolkata has its own character and a set of traditions. Kolkata is a mix of diverse societies and religions. Bengalis, Chinese, Anglo-Indians, and the Parsi have made the city their homes. Christmas, Eid and Diwali are commended with the same energy as the Chinese New Year. This symbolizes the harmony of the city. The multicultural bonhomie is reflected in the cuisine, too. Mughlai, Chinese, Continental, Indian, Bengali — you can find a great variety of food to savor. Performing arts constitute a noteworthy part of Kolkata’s rich culture. Artists and dancers keep making the city proud. There are a significant number of theaters that organize direct plays every other day. Kolkata is home to the Bengali film industry, too.

kolkata might seem old-fashioned to some visitors. Yet, taking a closer look, it is not difficult to realize the warmth about this enigmatic city. It exudes a rich portrait of the typical Indian way of life. Explore all the hues of Kolkata tourism during your visit to the city.

Attractions and popular places to see on Kolkata tourism

Kolkata and the Howrah Bridge are the foremost association to form when you think of Kolkata. The historic and cinematic Howrah Station is one of the world’s biggest railroad terminals. Howrah Bridge acts as the indispensable connecting link to Kolkata. Vidyasagar Setu, or the Hoogly Bridge, is another wonder here that strikes the mind. It is the world’s third biggest cable-suspended bridge. Watching the city horizon from here is an enjoyment in itself. This is how the City of Joy welcomes you. Another popular place to visit in Kolkata is the Victoria Memorial which was built to honor Queen Victoria. This historic building tosses a lofty light on the city’s noteworthy past. Made of white marble, this Victoria Memorial spans across a vast area. It has a museum andĀ  SSB coaching in Kolkataa gallery to its credit. Victoria Memorial is a must-visit on the Kolkata tour. Spread over a large region, the Indian Museum was opened to visitors in 1878. It has more than three floors dedicated to Art, Anthropology, Topography, Archaeology, etc. It is viewed as one of the best galleries. Botanical Gardens is next thing to explore in Kolkata. Founded in 1786, the Botanical Gardens add a different shade of beauty and splendor to the city. Explore the rich flora and fauna offered at this place and do not miss to check out the 200-year old Banyan Tree. You can explore a great variety of uncommon trees and plants from China, Nepal, Brazil, Penang, Java, and Sumatra.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is a popular religious site. It is situated close to the Vivekananda Bridge on the banks of the sacred Ganges. This historic temple is the worship place of Goddess Kali. It is viewed as a place of absolute spiritual importance for the Hindus. The uniqueness of this temple lies in its design. It has 12 different sections devoted to Lord Shiva. The sections encompass the primary Kali shrine. The temple is also famous because it is said that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa attained his profound vision here.

Staying in the Kolkata

Kolkata has all sorts of accommodations to offer to the visitors. From five star hotels to mid-range and budget hotels, you can find the type of accommodation that suits you. You can also check out the guesthouses and the tourist lodges for a dirt-cheap stay.

Exploring places around the city on your Kolkata tour

Kolkata has many interesting excursion spots around. You can go for day excursions. The coastal resorts of Diamond Harbor and Digha are just hours away. These are perfect for spending a weekend in the midst of a serene environment. Other intriguing spots include the Shantiniketan. For those with an interest in workmanship and writing, a visit to Shantiniketan is an absolute necessity. Shantiniketan was established by the Rabindranath Tagore. It houses the Vishva Bharati University and various other eminent structures. For example, the Uttarayan, where Tagore lived himself. By establishing this college, Rabindranath Tagore proved that the East and the West can meet. The college consolidates the best of all societies and it is one its kind. Some more attractions around there are the Deer Park, Kala Bhavan, Uttarayan Gardens, and Rabindra Bhavan. Sunderbans, another famous spot close to Kolkata, is also a must-visit. It is a World Heritage Site. The Sundarbans are marshlands which constitute the world’s biggest delta of the mangroves. This marshland is a characteristic habitat for several species of birds and the Bengal Tiger.

Feasting in Kolkata

In Kolkata, you must not miss the taste of the true Bengali food. Taking a food walk on your Kolkata tourism, you can appreciate some